Our approach to training is founded on MOST’s Movement First Philosophy

MOST individualizes our approach with each athlete in order to develop movement competency. Movement diversity is encouraged and developed in order to enhance the strength and movement skills specific to the athlete and their goals.

MOST offers training options to suit any Individual or Team needs.  This includes small group training for the General Fitness enthusiast, Personal Training, Youth Athletic Development and Sport Performance Training for athletes of all sports and skill levels.

Training is an extremely dynamic process that is influenced in a significant way by the skill of the coach providing the instruction. MOST Training is guided by our Head Coach Jenn Swagar who has over 30 years coaching experience working with athletes of many diverse backgrounds as well as members of the general public looking to enhance fitness and lifestyle. MOST hires only coaches with a background in exercise science and extensive sport experience. Coaching at MOST is a profession, not a hobby.