Our approach to training is founded on MOST’s Movement First Philosophy

Training is an extremely dynamic process that is influenced in a significant way by the skill of the coach providing the instruction. MOST Training is guided by our Head Coach Jenn Swagar who has over 30 years coaching experience working with athletes of many diverse backgrounds as well as members of the general public looking to enhance fitness and lifestyle. MOST hires only coaches with a background in exercise science and extensive sport experience. Coaching at MOST is a profession, not a hobby.

MOST individualizes our approach with each athlete in order to develop movement competency. Movement diversity is encouraged and developed in order to enhance the strength and movement skills specific to the athlete and their goals.

MOST‘s approach to movement and training the general public differs greatly from other gyms. We are not a conditioning based gym. We balance training loads and volumes. We don’t push the limits of our metabolic systems everyday. We take a different approach revolving around movement efficiency. We are a strength, movement and functionality based program. We use a yearly based program to unsure we are adapting to a stimulus’s and training different physical attributes.

We identify holes in peoples physical attributes and movements, and implement corrective exercise to promote adaptations that address these deficiencies. Just like we would do with an athlete preparing for competitive sport, we identify the “key performance indicators” and develop the areas that need improvement to help us live healthy lives.

MOST 4 pillars

MOST physical preparation small group program is designed to be a performance training program for the general public. This differs from other peoples ideas of “performance” and changes from member to member. Our coaches are highly skilled at adapting programming and exercise selection so that we can elicit the adaptations that will help us live better lives. We incorporate lots of stability work in the hips, midline and shoulders and use corrective measures to improve the functionality of our body as a whole.

MOST offers a robust 1-on-1 training and programming platform. For those who have specific goals and needs, or would rather opt for the attention that training in a 1-on-1 setting provides, our team is second to none when it comes to meeting the needs of the individual.