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Performance Passport Services

An all-inclusive option for athletes looking to improve their performance.


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Why explore physical testing?

Used for clinical patients and both recreational and competitive athletes, physical testing at MOST Physical Preparation can help assess strength imbalances and asymmetries. This permits data-driven programming strategies to correct imbalances and optimize athletic performance.


Performance Passport

MOST’s Performance Passport is a comprehensive assessment designed to evaluate an athlete’s overall movement qualities and abilities.  It combines MOST’s Movement Assessment with the objective data provided by a combination of Jump and Resistance testing using the VALD ForceDecks and Isometric Joint strength testing using the VALD ForceFrame.  VALD ForceDecks measure ground reaction forces and functional symmetry of the lower extremity.  VALD Force Frame provides objective isometric joint strength testing of ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, elbows and neck.  Combining these 3 testing protocols will provide athletes a comprehensive look into the current state of their overall physical being.  Athletes will receive a comprehensive performance report highlighting findings and recommendations for any necessary intervention.


Single Test

  • Athlete’s can do a single stand alone pre-season test.

Biannual Test

  • Pre-season baseline and postseason follow up.

Quarterly Test

  • Athlete's participate in pre-season, mid season, post season, and off-season testing.


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