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Small Group Rehabilitation in Calgary, AB

Small Group Rehabilitation

Regain Function, Mobility, Stability and Strength with our expert rehabilitation coaches.

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Fitness and Rehabilitation can be intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be.


The goal of MOST is to take a patient in a current state of pain or dysfunction and guide them through the rehabilitation/training process to achieve any life or performance goal they are seeking. Our coaches specialize in rehabilitation planning, seamlessly transitioning your rehabilitation programming from early corrective strategies into advanced performance training (and anything in between) in order to facilitate rehabilitation, injury prevention and build optimal performance.

The experts at MOST combine their educational background with over 20 years of clinical and performance training experience to provide the most patient-centered approach to training and rehabilitation.

Benefits of

Small Group Rehabilitation

Small Group Rehabilitation training provides a cost-effective rehabilitation option blending individualized care of customized condition specific programming and the watchful eye of a rehabilitation professional with the energy and camaraderie of group classes.

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Personalized Coaching

In a small group setting, your rehabilitation expert provides the individualized attention you need in order to ensure optimal movement quality and loading progressions throughout the rehab process. This makes MOST’s Small Group Rehabilitation Training Blocks a cost effective option for anyone with reasonably competent movement proficiency who would like to pursue coach guided rehabilitation.

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Group Support

The reality of the rehabilitation process is that, while an essential part of a full recovery from injury, it is not always the most enjoyable form of training. This can be partially alleviated by working in a small group of like-minded, positive people facing some of the same struggles and triumphs as you through their rehabilitation process.

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Customized Programming

While participating in MOST’s Small Group Rehabilitation blocks, you will perform your own customized rehabilitation plan. This plan is designed with input from the integrated collaborative clinical team at MOST to address your specific needs and tailored to achieving not only desired clinical outcomes but also your own specific life or performance goals.


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