Force Frame Isometric Testing Services IN Calgary, AB

VALD Force Frame Isometric Testing

A comprehensive, easy-to-use system for accurately and reliably testing and training isometric strength.



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Why explore physical testing?

Used for clinical patients and both recreational and competitive athletes, physical testing at MOST Physical Preparation can help assess strength imbalances and asymmetries. This permits data-driven programming strategies to correct imbalances and optimize athletic performance.


VALD Force Frame Isometric Testing

MOST is pleased to offer VALD Performance’s ForceFrame.  Trusted by over 1000 elite athletic programs, VALD’s ForceFrame is a comprehensive, easy-to-use system designed to accurately and reliably test and train isometric strength in any of the body’s major joints. Using the ForceFrame we are easily able to obtain objective isometric strength data in all the major joints of the body including Neck, Shoulder, Elbow, Hip, Knee, Ankle.  


ForceFrame allows us to measure joint strength symmetry side to side and also allows us to compare individuals’ strength testing data to normative values (population averages) in order to determine their overall strength output.


Even the most experienced clinician or strength coach is unable to visually or physically ascertain the exact level of symmetry or strength of a particular muscle group. The data provided by VALD’s ForceFrame removes bias and provides objective data which can then be used to drive programming strategies to optimize rehab or training outcomes.  The easily repeatable testing protocols also allow us to monitor progress and ensure that the goals of the patient or athlete are being met.


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