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Longevity Training

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Fitness and Rehabilitation can be intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be.


The goal of MOST is to take a patient in a current state of pain or dysfunction and guide them through the rehabilitation/training process to achieve any life or performance goal they are seeking. Our coaches specialize in rehabilitation planning, seamlessly transitioning your rehabilitation programming from early corrective strategies into advanced performance training (and anything in between) in order to facilitate rehabilitation, injury prevention and build optimal performance.

The experts at MOST combine their educational background with over 20 years of clinical and performance training experience to provide the most patient-centered approach to training and rehabilitation.

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Longevity Training

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Longevity Training

MOST’s Longevity Training is designed to increase the healthspan of participants. The single largest determinant in avoiding age related functional decline is proper training. MOST’s longevity training is based on the most current research into the science of longevity. It is delivered in a small group format in order to increase motivation and provide social interaction with a group of supportive likeminded individuals seeking to optimize their health and functionality as they age. The program will consist of an optimal mix of resistance training, cardiovascular conditioning, stability/mobility training as well as balance and proprioceptive training. MOST’s longevity training is designed for anyone in their mid-30s and up who are looking to stay as functional as possible as they age. The program will be tailored to the individuals’ current state of health and fitness based off of results from base-line physical testing which will be performed at the onset of the program. These markers will be retested at 6-month intervals to evaluate progress.


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