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Osteopathic Manual Therapy

The MOST Clinical Philosophy is based around patient centered treatment options offered by our multi-disciplinary team. Our therapists embrace our MOST Movement First Philosophy and use an evidence aware approach to solving patients’ pain and movement dysfunction through appropriate therapeutic modalities, movement repatterning and exercise therapy. Our therapists work closely with our coaches and corrective exercise practitioners to deliver high level rehabilitation planning.

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Why choose MOST for your Clinical Services?

The goal of MOST Clinical is to take a patient in a current state of pain or dysfunction and guide them through the rehabilitation/training process to achieve any life or performance goal they are seeking. Our coaches specialize in Rehabilitation planning, seamlessly transitioning your rehabilitation programming from early corrective strategies into advanced performance training (and anything in between) in order to facilitate rehabilitation, injury prevention and build optimal performance.

The clinicians at MOST combine their educational background with over 20 years of clinical and performance training experience to provide the most patient centered approach in rehabilitation.


Osteopathic Manual Therapy

A movement based clinical session rooted in the principles of Osteopathic Manual Therapy. This is a one on one session with MOST’s Osteopathic Manual Therapist David Swagar.

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David comes from a high-level athletic background. David was a 4-year starter and 3-year Defensive Captain with one of the nation’s top varsity football teams, the University of Calgary Dinos. He moved from a personal focus on football performance to helping others achieve their performance goals and has been a manual therapist and performance coach for over 20 years. David has treated a wide variety of conditions including Back pain, motor vehicle accident injuries, neck and shoulder dysfunction, sports-related sprains and strains as well as chronic conditions; his clinical work. His patient base is wide and diverse: From professional athletes to weekend warriors. David has his degree in Kinesiology from the University of Calgary and completed his education in Manual Osteopathic Therapy through the Collège D’Études Ostéopathiques.

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