MOST is pleased to offer Physiotherapy.

Physiotherapists are highly-educated movement and physical function specialists. A mixture of manual therapy and exercise-based rehabilitation is utilized to restore, maintain, and maximize optimal function and quality of life.

Physiotherapists specialize in treating a wide range of ages, abilities, and conditions. Sport injury, back pain, whiplash, pregnancy related muscle/joint concerns, urinary incontinence, vertigo, arthritis, and age-related changes are just a few of the conditions physiotherapists are experienced in treating. Patients with chronic conditions, such as Parkinson’s disease and Multiple Sclerosis, are also seen by physiotherapists to assist in preserving and optimizing function at any stage of life.

MOST physiotherapy is unique in that our practitioner provides one-on-one treatments for the duration of your session. Each patient can expect to receive a comprehensive assessment, in-depth education and an individualized home program. Access to our large fitness facility provides the optimal environment for retraining movement patterns and building strength.

Physiotherapy Team

Mark Cameron

Physiotherapist, MSc.PT

Initial Treatment - 60 mins $140
Follow Up Appointment - 45 mins $110
Extended Follow Up Appointment - 60 mins $130
MVA Assessment - 60 mins $117
MVA Treatment - 60 mins $83
Armed Forces/Veteran/RCMP Assessment - 60 mins $100
Armed Forces/Veteran/RCMP Follow Up - 30 mins $75
Virtual Rehabilitation Consultation - 30 mins $90
Referrals are not required, services are covered by most extended health care plans.