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VALD ForceDecks

Dual Force Plate System

A testing method using an instrument that allows athletes and coaches to detect and measure forces exerted onto the ground during movement or exercise.

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Why explore physical testing?

Used for clinical patients and both recreational and competitive athletes, physical testing at MOST Physical Preparation can help assess strength imbalances and asymmetries. This permits data-driven programming strategies to correct imbalances and optimize athletic performance.


Force Plate Testing

MOST is pleased to offer VALD Performance’s ForceDecks.  Trusted by over 1000 elite athletic programs, VALD’s Force decks are a dual force plate system designed to measure ground reaction forces in various weight bearing exercises. ForceDecks automatically detect and assess over 20 different movements, from squats, jumps, isometric strength and various functional tests such as sit-to-stand, single leg land and stick, and balance assessments. 


ForceDecks allow you to measure ground reaction forces and symmetry throughout dynamic movements.  They allow you to break down movements into their concentric, eccentric, and isometric phases and track forces exerted through each of these phases providing objective measurement data which can be compared to an individual’s previous tests or to normative data. This enables us to gauge the individual’s output relative to population averages.


Even the most experienced clinician or strength coach is unable to visually or physically ascertain the exact level of symmetry or strength of a particular muscle group. The data provided by VALD’s ForceDecks removes bias and provides objective data which can then be used to drive programming strategies to optimize rehab or training outcomes.  The easily repeatable testing protocols also allow us to monitor progress and ensure that the goals of the patient or athlete are being met.


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