Rehabilitation Planning

Rehabilitation planning describes the systematic process of identifying a body’s dysfunction, developing a plan of action to fix the dysfunction, and implementing an integrated corrective strategy in order to create more efficient movement, stabilize posture, and reduce pain.

At MOST we create rehabilitation plans that address functionality in a safe, individualized approach. MOST rehabilitation plans consider each person’s’, environment, lifestyle, tasks performed, potential imbalances, movement deficiencies.

MOST Rehabilitation Planning will:

  1. Identify the problem (Assess)
  2. Create a structured solution to the problem (Program design)
  3. Implement the strategized solution (Corrective exercise)

MOST Rehabilitation Planning consists of four phases of action:

  1. Inhibitory phase- (ART, Graston, Thera-Gun, Self Myofacial release rolling)
  2. Lengthening phase- Static, dynamic and neuromuscular stretching.
  3. Activation Phase- Positional isometrics, and isolated strengthening.
  4. Integration Phase- Promotes integrated dynamic movement.

Another important aspect of MOST Rehabilitation Planning is constructing realistic, achievable goals. We will assist you in this process so that you stay on track with your rehabilitation plan in order to achieve the desired results.

After completing MOST Rehabilitation Planning you will be able to progress into general fitness or performance training and do so without dysfunction. Every individual has a different reason to be pain free and functioning optimally. At the end of the day it is our desire to help you achieve that goal.

$300 / 4wks Individualized programming in a small group setting
Referrals not required.