Movement Assessment Services IN Calgary, AB

MOST Movement Assessment

An in-depth assessment of movement patterns with one of MOST’s movement experts.


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Why explore physical testing?

Used for clinical patients and both recreational and competitive athletes, physical testing at MOST Physical Preparation can help assess strength imbalances and asymmetries. This permits data-driven programming strategies to correct imbalances and optimize athletic performance.


Movement Assessment

Our MOST Movement Assessment is an individualized assessment performed by one of our Movement Specialists which aims to identify faulty or inefficient movement patterns. 


MOST’s Movement Assessment will provide insight into an individual’s movement signature and the movement solutions they employ as a response to the physical demands placed upon them.  This assists in developing appropriate programming and therapeutic intervention strategies to address the individual’s needs.


Patterns assessed will include (Both bilaterally and unilaterally)

-Breathing/Bracing Strategies




-Vertical Pressing

-Vertical Pulling

-Horizontal Pressing

-Horizontal Pulling


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