Running with Injuries
April 15, 2019
Update- March 27
March 27, 2020

Fundamentals Of Fitness

[NEWS] – Fundamentals of Fitness

Coach Jenn will be onboarding her next class of Mosties starting Feb 8th. This group will run 3 times a week; Tuesday’s, Thursday’s at 6:30pm, and Saturday’s at 11:00. This will be a 4 week program and give you all the tools to excel in our small group classes.

Who is this for:

-People who want to make a lifestyle change and commit to fitness

-People who want a long term solution to their health and fitness problem

-People who know that things come to those who work for them

Who is this not for:

-People who want a quick fix

-People who want to drop weight as fast as possible

-People who care more about how they look than how they move and feel


If you are interested in getting started with our fitness program, get enrolled in our Fundamentals of Fitness program and kickstart your goals.

Cost $250.00