The Swagars

David Swagar

Clinical Director

David comes from a high-level athletic background. David was a 4-year starter and 3-year Defensive Captain with one of the nation’s top varsity football teams, the University of Calgary Dinos. He moved from playing football to fixing people and has been a manual therapist for over 17 years.

David has treated a wide variety of conditions including Back pain, motor vehicle accident injuries, neck and shoulder dysfunctions, sports-related sprains and strains as well as chronic conditions; his clinical work. His patient base is wide and diverse: From professional athletes to weekend warriors.

Jenn Swagar

Coaching Director

Jenn Swagar is the Coaching Director of MOST Physical Preparation. She has dedicated her entire life to the study and practice of coaching, functional fitness and corrective exercise. At MOST she is the head coach, Programmer and in-house corrective exercise specialist. Jenn Swagar is available to COACH her athletes in any area of life that they require.

MOST has firsthand knowledge of treatment and training practices administered to high-performance athletes. Jenn’s goal is to bring this level of support and knowledge to the general population. With her experience, she is able to use a large network of experts developed over 27 years as a coach.