At MOST When you book with our nutritionists you will get:


  • Many diets don’t explain why you avoid certain foods or eat a certain way. We help you make informed choices that help make nutrition easier to understand.
  • We start people off on a simple diet, where we focus on mastering the basics – proper portions, quality nutrients, and no restrictions. We go at the pace that you want.
  • From there we advance the food choices, whether we get more precise with our portion sizes, and change the macros and food choices to reflect your goals.

Sessions are one-on-one where all your questions can be answered and a nutrition plan created that is right for you.

NEW THIS MONTH –  “Transform Your Eating Habits” 

 “Transform Your Eating Habits” is a 8 week information program that begins  October 15th at 6pm. Meetings will be Tuesday’s 6pm  – 7pm at MOST.
The premise:
No rules. No restrictions. Just healthy habits for life!
– learn to make healthy living a habit
– create small practices that lead to big results
– stay consistent even when life is hectic
– participate in a small group setting for peer learning and support
– coach guidance and feedback to stay on track
What you get:
30 minute initial consultation
Weekly meetings with your coach in a small group setting
Access to Pro Coach software where the online curriculum will unfold:
-new habits and practices every two weeks
-daily lessons &/or assignments to support these practices
Unlimited email support
For more information or to sign up click the contact us button above. 
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