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January 24, 2020
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November 19, 2020

Update- March 27



We would like to give you an update on what is going on at MOST.  We have been monitoring the situation daily. We were really hoping to be able to re-open on Monday March 30 with a drastically reduced 4 person per hour format.  While we still believe the plan we had developed would have been very safe and more than respect social distancing regulations and client safety, discussion with the Public Health Inspector made it clear that gyms will not be permitted to re-open until the state of emergency is lifted.  At this point we do not believe that will be until at least a few weeks from now.


We have tried to be as responsive and as interactive as possible in order to continue to provide all MOSTies value to being a part of our community.  We have launched a members only Facebook group (MOSTalation) that we would like to invite you all to join if you haven’t already. Jenn has been posting at home on-line workouts on Zen Planner every day.  We have also split the membership into two groups one with Jenn as the head coach and one with Travis as the head coach. Your head coach will be reaching out to ensure that we are meeting your needs as much as possible and we will be offering different training and team building activities over the next week. Keep an eye out for these opportunities as they are announced.


The clinical side of things is slightly different than the gym.  The clinic is not legally mandated closed although most professional associations have recommended closure.  We are monitoring things closely each day. It is almost certain that the clinic will re-open prior to the gym.  Until the gym reopens, David has opened virtual telehealth sessions though out Jane clinical system. These sessions are offered free of charge to any MOSTie.  These sessions are designed to allow members to access consultation with David regarding anything health related (rehabilitation, strength and conditioning, nutrition or anything else health and wellness related). These sessions can be booked at:


We have also received requests to borrow equipment from some of the members.  Initially we were hesitant to do so, believing that we would re-open on March 30th.  With this no longer looking as if it is a possibility, we have decided to loan equipment to those who would like to borrow it.  We are only going to lend out Kettlebells, Dumbbells, and some of the old skipping ropes. We are not lending anything with moving parts that requires maintenance (bikes, rowers, bars, plates etc).  Equipment loans will be limited to one KB and one set of DBs per member until everyone has had a chance to get something. If you are interested in borrowing equipment please email to set up a time.  Loans will be done on a first come first serve basis.


One of the biggest worries that we currently face is the question of what to do with memberships as this crisis carries on past a few days and likely into a few weeks, possibly even a month or two.  

It’s a difficult situation but we feel we should just lay things out and be as straight forward as possible. We are currently being offered no rent relief from our landlords.  As you can imagine this creates an issue when we have no revenue coming in and large overhead expenses still due. The reality is, that if we were to suspend everyone’s membership at the same time, our business is placed in a very precarious spot and there is a chance that there will not be a MOST to come back to after this is all over. 

After a great deal of thought we have come up with the following suggestion. If you are able to continue to pay your membership for April, we ask that you please do so.  Once this crisis ends and we are able to resume operations, we will provide systematic repayment of April membership fees by offering a free month of training later in the year. For example, if we are able to re-open for May 1st then members whose last names start with A-D will receive the month of June for free, members whose last names start with E-H will receive July for free.  This will continue until everyone has received their April payment back. If you are struggling due layoffs etc. and unable to make your April payment please reach out at or at your earliest convenience and we will stop April’s membership payment.


The past few days have been very challenging for everyone.  We believe that together we will all make it through these challenges and come out stronger on the other end. Right now, it is of vital importance that we are there to help and support each other. We thank you for your support over the years and offer our support to you in any way possible.  Thank you for making MOST what it is. If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns or if we can help you through this challenging time please feel free to reach out to us at the emails provided.


Thank you all, please stay safe and healthy.


David and Jenn