Team Training

Strength and Conditioning for sports teams and individuals.

At MOST we design complete Performance Training Programs especially for your team’s needs. We can design a customized training routine for teams at all levels; from professional to club teams.

MOST Performance programming for sports teams will deliver strength and conditioning program by highly educated and qualified coaches. It is a collaboration of some of the greatest minds in the Strength and Conditioning industry along with some of the most experienced coaches and therapist, working together to design specified strength and conditioning programs and workouts that will have teams of all sports excelling over their competition.

This performance program ensures athletes are more conditioned and less likely to get injured during the season, all the while maximizing their movement quality, strength, power, speed, and confidence. This is also a great way to continue to keep teams together throughout off-seasons to build upon their camaraderie.

MOST Physical Preparation can customize, organize, and deliver workout programs for any team at any level. We can create these programs for the pre-season, in-season, and post-season. These programs are administered by our Performance coaches with a max ratio of 12 players per coach.

MOST Physical Preparation provides three different Levels of programming for Sports teams.

Your team is provided testing, specific program design, and coaching at our facility. Timing would depend on whether your team was in- season, off- season and/or recovery phases. Your team could also get nutrition coaching and education from a qualified and certified nutritionist.

On top of Performance programming, Nutritional support your team could get performance therapy from certified Osteopathic and Manual Therapists. We have three levels of support that we can provide to your team and coaches. We also can customize to fit your specific groups needs and developmental requirements.


  • When we conduct your Strength, Speed, and Performance Training you are guaranteed no more than 12 Athletes per Coach, All Coaches are Certified, and highly educated Strength and Conditioning specialists. Training will be individualized based on needs and capabilities.
  • Team Testing $40 per player for more than 20 Players. $45 for less than 20 Players (Includes full Analytics) Appointment Only
  • Bronze Level Package = 3 Month Team Training Program complete with Individual Program Cards for each Athlete, and based on Test Results. (Free Team Testing included) $1,500 – For 1 time a week.
  • Silver Level Package = 3 Month Full Training Package includes free Team Testing every 3 months, Strength Program, Correctives, Nutritional coaching and each workout is conducted by our staff of Strength and Conditioning Experts. $3,000 per month for up to 20 athletes, and Minimum of 2 Coaches. – This is for 2 days a week.
  • Gold Level Package = includes free team testing every 3 months, strength and conditioning programs, corrective exercises, nutritional coaching and performance therapy from a certified manual therapist. $4,500 per month for 20 athletes, and Minimum of 2 Coaches. This package is for three days a week.

Speciality Courses

  • Individual Fitness and FMS Testing $125 per Athlete.
  • Intro to Performance Group Sessions. (8-11 Years Old) 2 Sessions per Week. $200/ Month. (Learn to strength train)
  • Fundamentals in Performance. (12-14 Years Old) Three per Week. $360/ Month
  • Sport Performance/College Readiness. (15-18) Three per Week. $360/Month
  • Saturday Speed, Performance, and Conditioning Camp. $20/Athlete. Group rates also available at $15/Athlete for Groups larger than 10

If you have any questions please call Head Coach Jenn Swagar at 587-352-2661 or email her at

For team training inquiries please contact us for more information.