Liv Price



Liv explored multiple sports growing up.  For 8 years, she competed as a gymnast reaching the provincial level 5. She qualified for provincial teams for consecutive years.  She then got into track and field competing in 100m and 400m hurdles.  She placed 9th in the 100m hurdles at 2014 Nationals.  Liv started coming to MOST in 2013 and competed in the CrossFit placing 11th in the world the following year.  Liv continued to excel in CrossFit as well as weightlifting.  She holds Youth and Junior records for both the snatch, clean and jerk, and total categories.  She competed at Senior Nationals in weightlifting at the age of 17.  She continues to be very passionate about gymnastics and weightlifting and tries to incorporate the experience she has had into classes here at MOST.

Liv is currently studying Natural Science at the University of Calgary with concentrations in biology and chemistry.  She has completed her CrossFit level 1 certification as well as the CrossFit specialty course in weightlifting.  She is in the process of finishing the NCCP weightlifting certification.

Liv grew up in a very competitive family.  Both parents played university sports and at their ripe age continue to push their fitness levels here at MOST.  Liv learned how to work hard from them and just tries to keep up with them in the gym these days.

Liv has a passion for learning, sports, being active, warm weather, and trying to be a good influence to those around her.  Her focus is to help others continue to learn new things, have fun, and reach their goals.