Functional Neurology

Our body constantly receives information and feedback from the internal and external environment, so it can maintain a balanced state.

Information is organized within in our central nervous system. When we experience trauma or overload (overwhelm) our central nervous system may become dysfunctional.

If the input is dysfunctional, the output also becomes dysfunctional, and the body becomes imbalanced. As a result, we may experience tightness, restriction, weakness, and/or pain.

Functional neurology uses a unique protocol to affect sensory receptors in the body and reprogram the input, thus altering the output and enabling the body to move with greater mobility, stability, and without pain. Treatment is fast, extremely effective, and very gentle.

Functional neurology takes all of the body’s systems into consideration during assessment and treatment and is effective at treating muscle, tendon, ligament, fascia, organs, energy systems, emotions, and brain nuclei.

Functional Neurologist

Initial (60 mins) $130
Subsequent (60 mins) $110
Referrals are not required, services are covered by most extended health care plans.