Adam Postmus


Dr. Adam Postmus was born in Fruitvale, British Columbia and moved to Abbotsford at age 20. He attended University of the Fraser Valley, where he studied kinesiology and human kinetics. He went on to study at Palmer College of Chiropractic West in San Jose, CA, and completed his chiropractic training and internships.

Throughout his studies, he has been involved in health and athletics at the recreational, performance and rehabilitation levels, establishing a strong foundation for community involvement. He also travelled to Europe and participated in the World Games 2017 as part of the Chiropractic staff.

In practice, Dr. Adam applies a multidisciplinary, evidence-informed and patient-centered approach to care. He integrates a combination of chiropractic care, movement and functional assessment, injury rehabilitation and patient education in order to facilitate her patients returning to optimal function as quickly and effectively as possible

He combines specific chiropractic adjustments to realign and provide mobility to the spine and extremities, with cutting edge sports medicine approaches including Active release technique (ART), FAKTR IASTM Therapy, Dynamic taping, Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA), Fascial Manipulation, Dynamic neuromuscular stabilization (DNS), and specific functional rehabilitative exercises to help injured athletes.