Jenn Swagar

Coaching Director of M.O.S.T.

jennJenn Swagar is the Coaching Director of MOST Physical Preparation. She has dedicated her entire life to the study and practice of coaching, functional fitness and corrective exercise. At MOST she is the head coach, Programmer and in-house corrective exercise specialist. Jenn Swagar is available to COACH her athletes in any area of life that they require. Coaching is an art, where education, experience and application all play equal part in the overall message and success.

MOST has firsthand knowledge of treatment and training practices administered to high performance athletes. Jenn’s goal is to bring this level of support and knowledge to the general population. With her experience she is able to use a large network of experts developed over 27 years as a coach.

This network ranges from nutritionists to sports psychologists, to Canada’s top strength and conditioning specialists and treatment providers. Jenn is known for her holistic coaching style and her ability to bring out the best in her clients.

Athletic & Coaching Background:

While completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology, Jenn was a starter and captain for the University of Calgary Dinos women’s field hockey team. She continued in the world of Field Hockey, becoming the team’s Head Coach in 2007. Jenn turned the program around dramatically, taking the team from a winless season prior to her arrival, to second in the nation in just 4 years.
She has been given the distinction of CW Coach of the Year multiple times, and CIS Coach of the year in 2010.

Jenn entered the world of CrossFit in 2010 and fell in love with the sport.
She has competed at national and international levels.
2010 – World CrossFit Games: Affiliate (team) Competition
2011 – Canada West CrossFit Regionals: Individual (11th)
2012 – Canada West CrossFit Regionals: Affiliate (team) Competition

2013 -Regional Qualifier

Education and Certifications:

Master’s in Coaching Education: The Ohio University
University of Calgary: Bachelor of Kinesiology

Chartered Professional Coach
CrossFit: Level 1 Trainer

CrossFit: Level 2

National Academy of Sports Medicine: Youth Specialist
National Academy of Sports Medicine: Corrective Exercise Specialist
National Academy of Sports Medicine: Strength and Conditioning Specialist (in progress)
National Coaching Certification Program: Level 3 Coach

Corrective Exercise:
Jenn is able to consult and develop personalized programs for athletes who wish to address dysfunction and weaknesses. Her corrective program includes:

1) Movement dysfunction and identification through in-house functional and clinical assessment.
2) Solving the problem through corrective exercise and in-house manual sports therapy.
3) Implementing the solution and strategies to prevent regression / return of dysfunction.

Corrective exercise is an excellent program for people of all backgrounds. If you are looking to address weaknesses, resolve injuries or enhance performance, contact Jenn for a corrective consultation ( jenn@mostphysicalprep.com)  or chat with her after class.

Jenn also provides individual and team programming and coaching for youth, open and master level athletes with any sport speciality, from power lifting, Olympic Lifting and CrossFit to football and swimming, or running, she can help you reach your individual or team goals.

Jenn also has a wealth of knowledge from her 27 years of coaching and provided coaching mentorship and coach the coach courses.

David Swagar

Clinical Director

davidDavid Swagar is the Clinical Director at MOST Physical Preparation.

David comes from a high-level athletic background. David was a 4 year starter and 3 year Defensive Captain with one of the nation’s top varsity football teams, the University of Calgary Dinos. He moved from playing football to fixing people and has been a manual therapist for over 17 years.

David has treated a wide variety of conditions including: Back pain, motor vehicle accident injuries, neck and shoulder dysfunctions, sports-related sprains and strains as well as chronic conditions; his clinical work. His patient base is wide and diverse: From professional athletes to weekend warriors.

David is also a certified NCCP level 2 Coach, CrossFit Level 2 coach and a graduate of the Muay Thai Institute.  David has a passion for Football, Weightlifting and Martial Arts.

Education & Certifications:

David completed his degree in Kinesiology  from the University of Calgary in 2001 and graduated from the Collége D’Études Osteopathiques in 2016. His osteopathic thesis explored the Effect of Osteopathic Manual Therapy on Functional Movement Screen scores in a CrossFit Population.

With David’s knowledge and experience is able to apply a diverse range of complementary clinical and manual treatments to help solve your issues. David uses a movement first approach to his treatment and help guide the patient to a pain free lifestyle.

His professional training includes:

Active Release Technique
Graston Technique
Low intensity laser therapy
Massage therapy
National Academy of Sports Medicine Corrective Exercise Specialist
Selective Functional Movement Assessment

Registered Massage Therapist


David’s employs a very patient centred approach. He understands that some patients require longer therapy sessions that focus on the entire body as a functional unit, with closely supervised corrective exercise, and long-term health and fitness strategies that align with their lifestyle goals. As such, David is able to offer sessions ranging from 15 minutes to 1 hour in length.  Appointment time will be dictated by patient condition and goals.

Manual Osteopathy:
David has completed  a 5 year program of Osteopathic Manual Therapy Study and successfully defended a thesis examining the Effect of Global Osteopathic Manual Therapy on Functional Movement Screen Scores in a CrossFit Population.  Osteopathic Manual Therapy is a field of study where the body is evaluated and treated as an entire functional unit. Treatment is administered not only to the area of complaint but also to the areas of the body which may be causing compensation and leading to or furthering the injury. By identifying and addressing mechanical problems, not only at the site of pain but throughout the entire structure, you can remove these compensations, correcting the root cause of the problem and reducing chance of them reoccurring and further injury.

Jeff Kubik

jeffEducation/Coaching Experience

Bachelor in Health and Physical Education, Major in Athletic Therapy (in progress) (Deans list Fall 2015, Winter 2016, Spring 2016)
Crossfit L1 and L2
Sealfit 20x/Kokoro Coach
NCCP Weightlifting In training
Sealfit Basic
Most Lifestyle and Nutrition Coach
Wakeboard Coach
High School Volleyball Coach

Sealfit Kokoro Class 26 Graduate

The first time I walked through the doors at Most was out of principle and respect for both Jenn and David. Soon after being here, I realized that these two are on a similar mission to the one I’ve set out on. I became a Coach at Most much for the same reason I am an athlete here. I wanted to be under the most knowledgeable and experienced individuals in the Calgary Crossfit and strength and conditioning communities. As a coach and athlete I am constantly under the watchful eye of Head Coach Jenn Swagar. This structure and model helps me bring my A game every day, and show up with integrity, whether it be to coach,  or as an athlete, or as a student, at MOST we strive for excellence not mediocrity.

I was part of developing the Mostrition program, and can safely say I’ve been through more diet fads than the average person, and have come out the other side (paired with education), with a good understanding of the psychological and physiological roadblocks that people face while trying to make an effective change. I’m committed to helping you get to your goals, because you deserve to achieve them. If you want to discuss Mostrition lifestyle Coaching contact me info@mostphysicalprep.com: Attn Jeff Kubik

Since starting my coaching with Most I’ve been lucky enough to intern and become a coach through Sealfit, an organization that helps SOF hopefuls in the US prepare for selection, which I feel differentiates myself from any other Coach in Calgary, as well as Canada. This breed of uncommon coaching and training is something that I’m passionate about, and hope to explore more with athletes who also want to explore the uncommon.

‘To live an uncommon life, one needs to learn uncommon disciplines.’ – Mark Divine.

Lindsay Bell

Nutrition and Lifestyle Specialist

lindsayLindsay began CrossFitting in 2007, instantly finding the passion as an athlete and now Coach. She has been coaching CrossFit since 2008, completing her Level 1, Level 2, Endurance, and Gymnastics certificates. She strives to produce a caring and knowledgeable environment at MOST Lindsay has competed in local competitions as well as at the 2012 Regions on the Team level. She is looking to excel with MOST and the fantastic team it encompasses as a Professional Coach and Nutrition and Lifestyle Expert.

Lindsay completed her Degree in Kinesiology with a major in Athletic Therapy in 2013. This stream of education has allowed her to become more knowledgeable about the human body, its intricate processes, as well as injury prevention.  It has greatly aided in her ability to see and understand movement from the inside-out.

CrossFit is a major part of her life and as she constantly evolves her personal, Coaching and athletic life, CrossFit grows with her. She is looking forward to an extensive career in Coaching and continuing education  as she progresses. Her soft mindful awareness of movement and focus has helped Lindsay develop into a athlete centered, holistic coach.

Lindsay has also completed her Percision Nutrition coaching course and will be providing lifestyle and nutrition coaching to people looking to make a change in their life and well being.

Concetta D’Amato

Functional Neurologist, Osteopath, Coach


Concetta D’Amato

Concetta has been involved in the study of human movement and exercise science her whole life. She takes an evolutionary approach to movement and health, optimizing human performance and well being, while combating the negative effects of our modern world. She began her pursuit of excellence by obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology specializing in Exercise Science with a minor in Psychology at the University of the Fraser Valley, British Columbia. Shortly after, Concetta continued her education and became an Osteopathic Manual Practitioner at the National Academy of Osteopathy in Toronto. She strategically combines movementand manual therapy to guide the human body to proper function.

The complexities of human movement lead her to deepen her knowledge of the nervous system where movement is organized. If dysfunctional movement patterns within the body can be reprogrammed from the source of organization the body can move with greater mobility, stability, and without pain. Pain and weakness is the result of the body’s nervous system being out of balance in an attempt to keep the body from further harm. Concetta uses functional neurology and soft-tissue techniques to rebalance and reset the body’s neurological pathways that are currently causing strain, pain and dysfunction. Concetta has additional training in cranial sacral therapy, advance muscle testing and palpation, RockTape, and neurokinetic therapy.

She worked in an active rehabilitation facility for 7 years performing functional movement assessments, constructing individualized corrective/performance programs, and implementing these programs for a wide variety of dysfunctions. Concetta has worked with clients that had multiple herniated discs, total hip replacements, low back pain, frozen shoulder, reconstructive knee surgery, pre and postnatal, geriatrics, and elite athletes.

Concetta has the unique ability to view and work with individuals using multiple lenses, that of a therapist, coach, and educator. Educating her clients is something Concetta feels strongly about. She wants her clients to take  ownership of their movement so they can develop greater awareness and live without pain. MOST Physical Preparation is where she is able to continue to learn, fulfill her passion and spread movement to those who seek guidance and a healthier life.

Kurt Witmer

Osteopath, Nutritionist and Strength Coach


Kurt Witmer

Is an Osteopathic Manual Therapist, Nutritionist and Strength Coach.

Kurt has worked as a coach and trainer for nearly a decade, helping rehabilitate people with chronic pain and injuries using a combined manual therapy, exercise and nutrition based approach. His client base ranges from professional athletes to general population looking to regain a pain-free lifestyle.

Kurt has a academic background in Nutrition were he taught  Sports Nutrition at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition from 2012-2017.

Education and Certifications:
Kurt graduated from the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy in 2017, and holds a diploma in Natural Nutrition from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition since 2011.

Kurt is certified in Precision Nutrition Level 1

Functional Movement Screening Level 1 and 2.


Kelsey Miller  

Massage Therapist


To bring evidence aware treatment, conditioning and coaching options normally reserved for elite athletes to the general public; while instilling a strong sense of personal confidence and community involvement.




Most Prep is for the beginner Crossfit athlete.

We will teach you the basics to movement, and help prepare your for joining the basic class.

These classes are run the same as a basic CrossFit class so you will learn the process and environment.